Friday, October 18, 2013

Celebrating 3 years & NEW website!

We've moved!

You can now find the latest happenings of Amelia Marie Design at


This month marks three years since Amelia Bedelia Designs, NOW Amelia Marie Design, was launched! I am not able to express my gratitude, or the blessings I have attained through this venture. The friendships I've gained, along with the opportunity to work with many talented, beautiful people, triumphs all else! I'm excited to see what God has in store for Amelia Marie Design! My prayer is that he will use me and this business for His purpose and glory!

Blessings and love,

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Green Wedding Shoes feature

Back in March, Amelia Marie Design had the opportunity to collaborate, and work with a team of local vendors on a "rustic meets modern" photoshoot. We are honored to have this project featured by Green Wedding Shoes blog this week!

You can view the full post here!   Also, stay tuned for a tutorial on creating the macaroon/ pastry pedestals used for this project. 


Monday, June 3, 2013

Sucre Shop feature

Amelia Marie Design is honored to be on the Sucre Shop blog today as their first 'designer feature'!

 Go check out the cute peach and coral forks Sucre Shop customized, and made for an upcoming bridal shower.  While you're at it, browse their shop for lovely wooden utensils and party supplies! 

You can find Sucre Shop on InstagramFacebook

Happy Monday!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

An Ice Cream bar

There's several things I associate Memorial Day with, swimming, ice cream, good food, and friends! We are especially excited to hit the pools on Saturday, at the local waterpark! Monday, we plan to celebrate the holiday with friends by enjoying a cookout and bonfire . My contribution is supplying an ice cream bar!  My favorite toppings, which I plan to serve, are fresh strawberries, crushed Oreos, sprinkles, Hershey's Caramel, and Hot Fudge sauces.

You can keep your ice cream bar as simple as you'd like, or go all out! 
Have a wonderful weekend!

Patriotic Pinwheels :  Michael's
White Spoons :  JoAnn's
Galvanized pals & tubs :  Target

Monday, May 13, 2013

Key Lime Crush recipe

The children are still sleeping, and I can hear the birds singing outside. It feels good to wake, and enjoy a quiet house in the morning. It's the quiet before the storm.  There's been much anticipation for this week, a certain boy turns five on Wednesday! (his Momma may be just as excited as he!) There are great plans of a Japanese birthday dinner, an afternoon at the park, breakfast with Grandma, a party, and more!

In preparation, I trialed a new party drink last week. It was a hit with our family, and I'll be using it often this summer, and when entertaining! We also experimented making homemade popsicles with this recipe! I highly recommend you do too!

- 1 tablespoon Lime Margarita drink mix
- 8 cups Sierra Mist soda
- 2 cups crushed ice
- 2 limes, sliced
- fresh Raspberries for garnish

In a gallon pitcher, combine Sierra Mist and margarita mix together.
 Add sliced limes and crushed ice. Let the drink chill for an hour.
Add fresh raspberries before serving.

The popsicles were my favorite! I have a batch of them in the freezer now!

Happy Monday!

Friday, May 10, 2013

life lately

I've been thinking alot on living intentionally.  Especially in my role as a Mom, I don't want to let the little successes and milestones go unnoticed. I want to embrace and celebrate the everyday. Yeah, it's not always easy to do. Life is sometimes messy, and mothering is hard work. But If i focus on celebrating the good, and beauty of each day, the ugly will quickly diminish.   

Her first steps, his first little league game, her saying "Dadda" for the first time... these are the things that make life so beautiful!






Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring- Woodland Photoshoot

It was a beautiful evening filled with little ladies, linen dresses, old fashioned creme soda, cupcakes, and an authentic birds nest! Need I say any more?  Enjoy this preview of my latest project with Darren Strubhar Photography!

As always, It was a joy to work with Darren and Lisa! You can connect with, and view more of their photography on Facebook, or their photography blog!

Styling, Props, & handmade hair accessories : Amelia Marie Design