Monday, November 7, 2011

30 days... & photos

Keeping up with 30 days of Thankfulness....

November 4.  Miracles.  Yes, they happen... even today, when you believe.  

November 5.  My work.  I'm so grateful for the people I come into contact with, work with and for. Their relationships are such a blessing and 'reward.'  I pray I can be a witness and blessing to them also. 

November 6.   Home, sweet Home.  Our time here on earth is so brief and temporary.  However, I am thankful for a comfortable home while we're here.   I think of how many people in the world live... [humbled] ....  We are so blessed!

November 7.  The here & now.  We are greatly enjoying and blessed by the current stage of life we're in, and little man is in.  His spunk, energy, and tenderness is such a joy and brings much fulfilment.    
We recently had photos taken by the wonderful, Molly Whitmore Photography.  Molly truly captured our little family and this special time in our life.  We are forever grateful for her talent and these priceless treasures! 

Many blessings!


  1. It was my pleasure darlin'! You have a BEAUTIFUL family and your love for each other showed in your photographs :) Love ya girl!

  2. Great Pictures!! a beautiful family!

  3. It's so good to see so many blogs doing a thankful post!
    God bless :)

  4. such a great post. the pics are adorable. i love the 'non-posed' ones like where your lil' man is getting your face. so cute!!!

  5. What a great post!! I love this! These pictures are amazing! Thank you for sharing! I found you on Casey's Blog. I'm a new follower.

    Digger ~xoxo~