Wednesday, January 12, 2011


As a child, I remember playing school with my two brothers. One of us was the teacher, and the other two were the students. We used our little table and chairs as desks, and the teacher got to use the black chalkboard! {I always wanted to be teacher!}  We had too much fun.... soo many good memories! 

A couple weeks ago my Mom was "de-cluttering" and came across the ol'blackboard.  She asked me if I would want it. I was thrilled, of course I want it!! 
Soo.... What shall I do with my childhood treasure??  It's big enough I don't want it sitting around... It doesn't work well to hang it in Alex's room, but I do want Alex to be able to use & enjoy it......  hmm..... ??? {brainstorming} ....

In my kitchen I have a small, narrow wall that needs some serious love & attention. When we moved I slapped a picture board on it until I found what I wanted, like most of our home.   Originally, I thought it would be fun to make a plate collage.  But, now I'm thinking chalkboard!!   ...

First, I started by painted the wall gray, to match the others.  I went ahead and gave the chalk board frame a face-lift too.  {it needed it, as you can see below}

Since I was replacing my picture-board I wanted to create a new space for pics. I took 2 sheets of cork-board and cut them to fit the top of the chalkB.  I hot glued them into place and then started to decorate and add the finishing touches.

I'm excited the board is now functional for both myself and Alex.  I wanted it adult height, but still child accessible with a stool.   * I have one more DIY "project" that I want to add to this wall yet. - I think it will make it look complete. {I hope to work on it soon & then post it!}*
It's too fun incorporating family heirlooms, special treasures/ memorabilia into your home. - That's what makes a house a home, giving it personality, and a story.  Most everything in our home {except the big furniture} has a neat story behind it... either being given to us, bought @ a thrift store/yard sale/auction or homemade!  

  Do you have a childhood treasure in your home? - Either functional or decorative??