Wednesday, January 25, 2012

DIY Paint Chip Garland

I'm slowly but surely, crossing off the few final projects for the nursery, and this is one.  It's easy, cheap, and pretty self explanatory.....

- 30-40 paint sample chips/ cards/ samples   [call them what you want!]
    - paper punch     - sewing machine

 Using my Recollections® circle punch I punched approx. 40 circles from paint-sample chips I had collected over time. 
* Any shape or size will work for this project.

 Picking two circles [I choose different colors] stack them, wrong sides together.

 Pull your threads out a good 2-3" before starting to sew, this allows plenty of leeway to hang the strand when finished.
Line up your circles to the foot and sew down the middle of the circle.
*I lengthened my stitch to help reduce rippling. 

 Pick another set of circles [putting them wrong sides together] and butt them up directly against the one before, not allowing any space between.


Have fun coordinating and making patterns, by using different colors.

After hanging the Chinese lanterns and pom-pom, I wasn't happy with how the corner look.
Though I liked the collection, I felt like it still looked bare and needed something else. 
This project was the perfect addition!


These garlands are also perfect for birthday parties or showers, especially when draped or layered to create a banner!   
 - This little project cost me noo money!

Happy creating!


  1. I love your garland, it makes a big impact and is so creative. I am going to make them for our daughter’s room. Thanks for sharing. Smiles, Paula

  2. Looks great! I made a Christmas garland just like this only I used two-sided scrapbook paper. I like how modern yours looks!

  3. I do declare Amy, you are so thrifty. How did you attach the circle strand to the ceiling? Tape? Beautiful and a creative way to put paint samples to use!

  4. Sheri, I forgot to mention that I hung them with white thumb-tacks!

  5. Your garland and lamps look beautiful!! So very creative. :)

  6. What a great idea!!! Love those stripes!!!

  7. This is a good reason for me to get my sewing machine back out. Thanks! Pinning this great idea. I am a new Pinterest follower visiting from Family Ever After. Vicky from Mess For Less

  8. It adds so much & turned out super cute! Thanks for linking up over at Giggles, Glitz & Glam!

  9. I love these! After seeing everything you can do with the paint chip sample cards a friend and I were joking about how about to get 40-50 of these without anyone noticing ;) Someone is going to get smart and start selling these!

  10. The paint chips made a big difference! Very cute! Thanks for linking up at The Kurtz Corner, you've been featured on the FB Fan Page!

  11. love paint chips and do my best to grab hand fulls whenever i go to lowes or home depot!

  12. I think I am officially inspired to do my own version (or maybe I'll just do yours) of a paint chip garland for my daughter's rainbow birthday party. Super creative.