Thursday, March 8, 2012

adventure + joys


" Sometimes a mother can feel that the routines in her day are too repetitive.
Dishes, laundry, meals, diapers, and messes to clean seem to be the order of the day, every day.
We may feel discouraged by this.
Yet, these routines bring great comfort, stability and security to the family.
Not only that, but each new day brings grand new adventures!
New memories to build, new chances to love and nurture, and new opportunites abound,
 as we create loving atmospheres for our families.
The precious moments are lived out right alongside those regular routines.
Every day brings with it the joyful anticipation of surprises, blessings, unforgettable moments,
 and the increase of love.
Enjoy the adventurous life in your home today."     

No matter what you are doing today, many blessings!


  1. Hi Amelia, just found your blog via, and I love it :) That chalkboard and the painted bottles are beautiful :) And I love all of your crafts. Excited to be a new follower!


  2. I love this post! It is so simply stated, and yet so profound! Thank you for the reminder of the beauty of the every day.

  3. I LOVE the chalkboard in the frame!! Beautiful idea! I need to make one of those!

  4. HI! I'm a new follower and really love your blog. I used to love Amelia Bedelia books so of course I had to stop by :)

    I am right there with you on what can seem mundane, but very comforting at the same time. Which also gives peace to my little guy.

    Can't wait to read more. I do a linkup with another blogger every Monday called 'make my monday.' You should stop by :) Have a great weekend!

  5. Love this quote...needed it today:) cute pictures too:)

  6. Visiting from Bits Of Splendor...I love everything about this post...especially that chalk board {and your belly!} Happy Monday!

  7. Hello, I am visiting from Bits of Splender. I enjoyed being and loved your post. It is so true... taking time each day to enjoy the little moments. Even a routine can lead to adventure.

  8. Hey Amy,
    Your really growin on the inside :) I'm sure yall are so excited to meet baby "S". I wanted to thank you and your family for the sweet card. I have it here in my office at the highschool. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. They truly give me strength to keep on out here!! Bless yall!!!

  9. Love that quote!!! And congrats on reaching 28 weeks! You're on the homestretch, and I'm sure you can definitely feel things being stretched to their max :)

  10. Amelia. I just love you. I know we've never met, but I just think you have a really sweet spirit. And if I can tell that by just your words on a screen, I can't imagine how sweet you are in person. I love seeing your little pregnant belly. Makes me smile! life is such a gift. keep enjoying this time :)

  11. I love that chalkboard! Beautiful work! I also love your baby bump!

  12. love the baby in the belly shot - congrats!!