Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Herb Planter

Like most, since Spring has sprung, I've been itchin' to get my hands and toes in the soil .  Last week we tilled the garden, and now are waiting until May to plant. [who wants to worry about frost?]  To help dull the anticipation, I planted several herbs the other day.   - Normally, my herbs get put in the garden, but with baby coming, I'd prefer them closer to the house this year.  Using a wood planter, from a friend's wedding [thanks Christy!] I was able to do just that!  Functional, yet decorative, the planter has found a home on the front porch!

Using cardstock and picks, it's easy to create personalized markers/ flags.
To make the picks waterproof, I want to cover them in contact-paper yet!

Where do your herbs get planted??


  1. I am hanging my hubby's herb collection on the fence this year. i am drilling holes in the bottom os mason jars (for drainage) and attaching them with twine to the fence boards. It will add some visual height to my garden, and make his herbs easy to reach! Love the box you used. Very rustic. Is it attached to your railing?

  2. wow! this is such a cute and creative idea!! and the little signs? they're adorable!!