Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Four... after three, before the big 5.  It's a birthday that makes a Mom stop and realize how fast time passes... and ask where the last several years have gone? ... That her baby isn't a baby anymore, no matter how bad she wishes he was.  Four is a rude reminder that school is inevitable... that in a short year we'll be receiving a "back to school" shopping list and bus schedule. [excuse me as i sob!] 
- None the less, I am thankful for the stages and different ages. It was an extra-special time celebrating little man's fourth birthday last weekend. It amazes me how he has grown and matured in the past year.  He has my heart and I thank God for him, the joy and blessing he is to our family!

I'm hoping next time I write, there will be a new family member to introduce!



  1. I know what you mean sister. I had a harder time with Bella turning 4 than I thought I would.

    Such a sweet party. Love the decor.

  2. Oh man that chicken looks amazing. What a great celebration. Come on baby!

  3. What a cool party <3
    Love the pictures!!!