Friday, February 17, 2012

25 weeks


Best moment this week:   Little man feeling baby kick + his [ecstatic] reaction = priceless.
Gender:   I have caved... I WANT TO KNOW!

Miss Anything?   nada
Nervous?   Been thinking alot about delivery lately.
Hoping I don't have to have another c.section, but am preparing myself for if it may happen.
I am choosing, and daily trying to trust God to take care of the details. 
 I know he will and that the outcome will be best!
... ....

Movement:   yes, and loving it. 
Food cravings: 
strawberries + fresh fruit are still holding 1st place 
Anything making you queasy or sick:   not lately
Labor Signs:   No, besides occasional braxton-hicks
tender c.section scar + skin
Happy or Moody:   H-a-p-p-y
Looking forward to:   upcoming Maternity photos!

Praising God,