Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Nursery for Baby 'S'


Hoping, waiting, and praying for you little baby!
We can't wait for you to "occupy" this room!

I'll be back soon with a budget breakdown and item list.


Monday, April 23, 2012

ABD  A Spring Brunch

A brunch to celebrate Spring and dear friends!


Photography  Molly Whitmore Photography 
Invitations  Domesti Fluff
Typography  Diamond Designs
Catering & Food Presentation  Amy of Roller Mill Farms
Decor & Styling  Amelia Bedelia Designs

Friday, April 13, 2012

33 weeks.

Precious baby,
This week marks your thirty-third week of life, and growth. 
The last weeks I have been pleasantly surprised by your increased movement, and "busyness." 
Though sometimes painful, it is the best feeling in the world...
a reminder of your health and liveliness. 
We are beyond excited to meet you, and ready for your arrival.
We can't wait to become a family of four. 
You have us curious and anxious about....
... How will you arrive?
Are you a sweet little girl, or boy? ...
... Will you take after your big brother in size?
Who will you look like?... 
No matter what, we love you.
Our verse for you is 1 Samuel 1:27...
 'I prayed for this Child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked'.
We love you little one, and are overwhelmed with gratitude to God,
 for hearing and answering our prayer.
You are our little miracle.

All of my love,
 your Mama


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Herb Planter

Like most, since Spring has sprung, I've been itchin' to get my hands and toes in the soil .  Last week we tilled the garden, and now are waiting until May to plant. [who wants to worry about frost?]  To help dull the anticipation, I planted several herbs the other day.   - Normally, my herbs get put in the garden, but with baby coming, I'd prefer them closer to the house this year.  Using a wood planter, from a friend's wedding [thanks Christy!] I was able to do just that!  Functional, yet decorative, the planter has found a home on the front porch!

Using cardstock and picks, it's easy to create personalized markers/ flags.
To make the picks waterproof, I want to cover them in contact-paper yet!

Where do your herbs get planted??

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Blessings


' There in the ground His body lay, light of the world by darkness slain.
Then bursting forth in glorious day, up from the grave he rose again!
And as He stands in victory, sin's curse has lost its grip on me,
For I am His and He is mine - bought with the precious blood of Christ.
No guilt in life, no fear in death. This is the power of Christ in me.
From life's first cry to final breath, Jesus commands my destiny.
No power of hell, no scheme of man, can ever pluck me from His hand,
'Till He returns or calls me home, here in the power of Christ I'll stand! '
Rejoicing in Christ, His resurrection, and plan of salvation!
Easter blessings to you and yours!

Have a wonderful weekend celebrating,

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Clothesline Picnic

Sometimes you just have to make watcha'got work, especially with little ones.  When they ask for a spontaneous "picnic in a tent", and you don't have one, you make one!   A clothesline & old quilt actually work splendidly, and is ten-times the fun than the real deal!

These little ones are my constant reminder to imagine, and be spontaneous!

Happy Thursday!