Monday, May 13, 2013

Key Lime Crush recipe

The children are still sleeping, and I can hear the birds singing outside. It feels good to wake, and enjoy a quiet house in the morning. It's the quiet before the storm.  There's been much anticipation for this week, a certain boy turns five on Wednesday! (his Momma may be just as excited as he!) There are great plans of a Japanese birthday dinner, an afternoon at the park, breakfast with Grandma, a party, and more!

In preparation, I trialed a new party drink last week. It was a hit with our family, and I'll be using it often this summer, and when entertaining! We also experimented making homemade popsicles with this recipe! I highly recommend you do too!

- 1 tablespoon Lime Margarita drink mix
- 8 cups Sierra Mist soda
- 2 cups crushed ice
- 2 limes, sliced
- fresh Raspberries for garnish

In a gallon pitcher, combine Sierra Mist and margarita mix together.
 Add sliced limes and crushed ice. Let the drink chill for an hour.
Add fresh raspberries before serving.

The popsicles were my favorite! I have a batch of them in the freezer now!

Happy Monday!


  1. This looks so refreshing! I just wish the weather around here would warm up so I could eat a popsicle:) Great photos.

  2. Yummy! This drink looks and sounds refreshing. Perfect for the upcoming summer months. ;o)