Friday, May 10, 2013

life lately

I've been thinking alot on living intentionally.  Especially in my role as a Mom, I don't want to let the little successes and milestones go unnoticed. I want to embrace and celebrate the everyday. Yeah, it's not always easy to do. Life is sometimes messy, and mothering is hard work. But If i focus on celebrating the good, and beauty of each day, the ugly will quickly diminish.   

Her first steps, his first little league game, her saying "Dadda" for the first time... these are the things that make life so beautiful!







  1. Lovely, everyday moments captured forever. Cherish them. ;)

  2. Your photography is beautiful, as it your heart! It is a challenge to treasure the moments, because there is so much real life messy in the middle of everything - but what PRECIOUS days these are. My heart is so full, and I think that these truly must be the best days.